Section 6 – Conclusion: The Effects of the Age of Exploration

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Information & Facts (with website/source number in parentheses):

Long distance trade and travel increased dramatically in the 1400s. for the first time far off parts of the world began to be linked. for this reason this period marks the beginning of what historians call the first global age.

  • New foods and animals were found in the Americas.(1)
  • More explorers were inspired to explore. (1)
  • Slavery of the Indians had gotten a head start. (2)
  • Slavery led to the death of many Indians and Natives largely because of mistreatment, and also disease. (1)
  • New trade routes were discovered because of, and by, Magellan. (1)p.71
  • Columbus almost wiped out an entire civilization, the Tainos.(3)
  • Columbus forced the Native Americans to find gold for him and if they didn’t find any, he would kill them.(3)
  • Columbus took all of the credit when the Americas were found.(4)

  • many historians believe that Columbus was important to the Age of Exploration because he began the turning point for the Americas

  • Columbus destroyed the Indians, by forcing them to do labor

  • Columbus returned to Spain with gold, treasures, and natives(slaves) to prove to the queen and king that his expedition was a success. (1)

  • Did not discover Earth was round. (1)
  • African slavery started.(1)
  • Introduced new diseases to the Native American population(2)
  • Alcohol was sold by the European traders, that had a harsh affect on the lives of the Native Americans(6)
  • The Indians were forced off their land by the French, Dutch, and English, forcing them to move westward into lands of other Indians. (6)
  • After Columbus’s expedition the European powers took control of the seas.(7)
  • The ‘Columbian Exchange’ is good because different areas in the world were able to trade goods and share and receive new ideas. [8]
  • Maps were more accurate (1)
  • Found  the North West passage (9)
  • Many Indians died from many diseases such as chickenpox, measles, and influenza.
  • Africans were used as slaves in subsitute of Native Americans.(Pg. 80)
  • Western Europe used new sailing techniques and new maps/charts.
  • African people got tropical diseases.
  • American mines were outproducing European mines.
  • The Spanish explorers told the middle and south Native Americans that they the Spanish had a disease that only gold could cure so Aztecs thought they were helping the Spanish cure their illness.

  • many historians believe that Columbus was important to the Age of Exploration because he began the turning point for the Americas. (#13)

  • Columbus destroyed the Indians by forcing them to do labor. (#14)

  • to protect Native American slaves Bartolome de Las Casas suggested using Africans for slaves instead, because of their durability, but created a negative effect. (#1)

  • the Aztec empire had fallen because Hernando Cortes came to destroy their city(#14)

  • conquistadors were very harsh to the Indians, for example, they hunted them for fun and games (how is this an effect?) (2)

  • In some captains’ crews murderers and armed uprisings against the captains resulted. (So? what does this have to do with the effects?) (2)

  • Hudson River was found (when? How?) (15)

  • European countries started rivalries(16)

  • New religions replaced pagan rituals, as were new languages, sexual and political cultures(2)

  • Conflict between the Europeans and Natives resulted in the Natives getting diseases that have not been exposed to before and wiped out 50-90% of the population(2)

  • The Effects of the Age of Exploration had good and bad effects.

  • The good things were that new foods and animals were found. Many new places were discovered.  Gold was commonly found. A new ocean was found. Lastly, new trade routes were discovered.

  • Now for the bad things. Many Native Americans were killed.  Many Native Americans died from diseases such as chickenpox, measles , and influenza. Native Americans and Africans were used as slaves. Alcohol was sold and had bad effects on the Indians. Lastly, Africans got tropical diseases.

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    Names of Contributors:

    Our section was the Good and Bad of the age of exploration. It first explains what the effects of Columbus was like the good and bad of the things he did. Which includes, what he found in the americas. He found animals and new foods. It also explains the bad like how he killed so many people, including  the tainos. It shows how he wiped them out, by killing them with  guns and war. He also contrubuted to their deaths with new diseases and plagues that the Europeans had, but those weren’t the only reasons. Columbus also started slavery beginnig with the Native Americans and eventauly with the Africans.

    This section also included the explores that Columbus  inspired. Which includes Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco Nunez de Balboa and many more. We stated facts like what they did and how affected us. Having more people explore was a very good and bad  thing. Our maps became more accurate and people were more well rounded with their surroundings. We tryed to summarize all of our opinions and what affected the best and the worst in the age of exploration.

     We have everything that we need to have. Christopher Columbus is so good.

    The Age of exploration was the beginning to new life.  Most of the Spanish conquistadors were very successful in their findings.  For example, Magellan found an all-water route to Asia in 1522. Columbus founded the first Spanish colony, Hispanola, in 1493. In 1519, Cortez captured the Aztec empire and by 1535, Francisco Pizarro captured the Incan empire.

    Not all explorers had success. Panfilo Natavez’s fleet was struck in a storm in 1528. Also, Juan Ponce de Leon did not find the Fountain of Youth. De Soto explored Florida from 1539-1542 and died without finding riches.

    Many different things were discoverd during the Age of Exploration. For example, the Conquistadors discovered gold and other treasures. But, they had to give one fifth of all riches they found to Spain. This made Spain one of the richest nations in the world. Also, the Indians were discovered by Columbus,  a famous explorer from Spain.  Along these journeys, new trade routes were discovered. One of the trade routes was the Northwest passage, which went around America.  Because of these voyages, maps became more accurate.

       The Age of Exploration inspired many explorers to explore. This resulted in many new  discoveries. For example, the explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa who while  exploring the jungles of Isthmus and Panama  found a large body of water (the Pacific ocean) and claimed it for Spain. Another bold explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, decided to sail the Pacific. In the end, he was the first person to circumnavigate the world. Lastly, Marquette and Joliet, two explorers from France, sailed more than seven hundred miles up the Mississippi river. All of these explorers  had an impact on the later discoveries in America.


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